The Whole Fuss of Youtube vs Tiktok Controversy and How It Started?

The complete story of Tiktok Vs YouTube Controversy

youtube and tiktok controversy
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If you are an active user of Social media, you should’ve already known about the Youtube vs Tiktok controversy which is creating a lot of buzz from the last few weeks.  In case, you are not aware.
Here’s how it all began and which people got involved in it:

1) What sparked the fight between YouTube and TikTok?

With TikTok user Amir Siddiqui posting a video calling out YouTubers, the word war between the content creators began. Siddiqui compared the two media in his video and highlighted the TikTok community’s unity. He has also criticized YouTubers of infringing copyrights content of TikTok. He also tried to provoke roasting creators, to react to him.

2) Who is Amir Siddiqui and what did he post the video about?

Amir Siddiqui is a self-proclaimed content creator aka popular Tiktoker with 3.8 Million Followers. His mostly videos are based on Comedy genre. He’d posted the controversial video on his IGTV earlier this month targeting Youtubers who roast Tiktokers. He deleted it early afterward, citing its spreading unanticipated pessimism.

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To his video, Carry Minati the popular YouTuber responded with a fitting reply through his video which is now taken down by Youtube. But we found the video on Facebook fan page of Carry Minati

Carry Minati Vs TikTokerS – The End

carry minati roast tiktokers
Carry Minati Vs TikTokers – The End

3) Who is Carry Minati?

Carry minati the youtuber
Carry Minati

Carry Minati is a well-known Youtuber who hails from Faridabad in Haryana. His real name is Ajey Nagar with 17.3 Million subscribers on his YouTube channel. He is known on his CarryMinati channel for his satirical skits and responses to diverse online topics. He’s the same guy who made a dissection track called Bye Bye PewDiePie and rose to fame.

If you had no chance to watch the video in the middle of the uproar until it was released, here are the standouts:

On 8th May 2020, Carry uploaded the video where he points out the quality of Tiktok’s videos which marks the eternal question on the content of Tiktok as they post only 15-30 seconds of videos every hour in a day. Siddiqui’s video also targets Youtubers by saying they make videos for gaining sympathy to which Minati replies mentioning about Siddiqui’s videos on feeding poor kids and doing show off on social media. He also points on how Tiktoker’s claim themselves of being a ‘’Social-Media Influencers’’ by using unrelated hashtags to the end of their videos. To which #Skirt got viral in various memes as Siddiqui used this tag in one of his pictures where he was standing next to the car.

Post Minati’s video, Siddiqui posted one more video where he responds and said that he has no hatred against any platform but only wanted to highlight the cyberbullying and harassment done by the roasters. He also mentioned he has taken this criticism sportingly.

After all the controversy, The Youtube pulled down Carry Minati’s video which reportedly got 70 million views in just a week before removed. To which his fans are reacting by supporting him with a hashtag #justiceforcarry trending on twitter.  Fans expressed their frustration over his video elimination. Nevertheless, a group of people appealed for his harsh remarks to the famous YouTuber and supported the decision of YouTube.

After all this, Mr. Faisu who is also well known on Instagram as a social influencer and popular TikToker posted a video on his YouTube channel 3 days back. His video has broken the record of most disliked video on YouTube with 2.2M dislikes in just 3 days.

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